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"I can't recommend Jeff highly enough" - Bob Breen, creator of 4D Combat

In a long 50 year career as a martial arts teacher, I’ve seen and taught many thousands of people. Over that long a time, a few stand out. One of those is undoubtedly Jeff Bleathman.

A man who walks the walk in every way. Jeff came as a returning senior student but has become one of my closest friends and training partners. He's constantly done more, given more, and generally been an amazing team player, looking after and helping others to raise their game; whilst constantly pushing and challenging himself in every way too.

Who better to be your guide than someone who's done the journey? Who's been in the ring, turned up when others didn't, said yes and stepped up when others prevaricated. A man of high intellect and moral standing in so many ways; a man you can trust.

I can't recommend him highly enough. He’s been my sounding board and test bed through lots of the recent developments of my 4D approach to JKD and Kali. He knows how it works and has shared that experience with his own incredibly lucky students.

If you want to avoid the forest of false trails and dead ends that are out there and you're looking for someone to lead you to mastery, he's one of the best.

Creator 4D Combat

Master Instructor JKD & Kali


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