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Courses and training tools

From my experience of training through the years, I know that it has to be consistent but it also has to be fun... or it doesn't happen at all...

The aim of our online training is to provide you with ideas and structure for your training program, always with a focus on functional skills and fun.


I am currently developing a wide range of  courses such as:


  • Martial Arts Cross Training

  • Solo Training & Shadow Boxing

  • Stick & Knife basics

  • Lock Flows

  • Hubud

If you want notifications for Fight Shack online training programs as they become available, please email us at to register.

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All our training programs are real. We show you the training that we do and highlight ways that we've made it effective.


Our clips are often taken in one shot so that you get the feel of turning up to class and getting going.


We give it to you raw, not just our best attempts.  The only thing we leave out are techniques or drills that we don't find functional, natural or realistic enough.


In other words, if we don't see it adding to our skills or us using it under pressure, we leave it out!

Email us at to register for more information as it becomes available.

Fight Shack Online Training for Fighters


We offer fitness programs and strength and conditioning tools for anyone and everyone.

Our training programs are designed to be simple, effective and functional. We use power, strength, speed and core conditioning modules to make training as rounded as possible.

You can do as little or as much as you like… we’ll provide tips for motivation and guidance on workloads… but you’ll be training like a fighter.

There’s a reason it’s called ‘Fighting Fit’!

Email us at to register for more information as it becomes available.

Jeff Bleathman Fight Shack Online Traini
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