Fight Shack is a cross training mixed martial arts and self defence club with 4D Combat as its core syllabus and coaching in Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling and Judo.

Fight Shack offers online courses and training tools developed from all these martial arts and self defence systems.


Jeff Bleathman established Fight Shack in 2016 to teach and explore martial arts, providing functional training and personal development for students.

We offer classes and online training, as well as seminars and workshops.


Fun. Fitness. Functional.

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Jeff is a Black Belt under Guru Bob Breen and a first generation 4D Combat Black Belt... Part of the fab four!

Jeff trains regularly throughout the year with Bob, both for personal development and as part of the core team for ongoing development and delivery of the 4D Combat system.


Jeff is also a Coach Level 1 under Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling and trains CSW as an Affiliate to Coach Erik's professional coach program.


Jeff trains Catch wrestling as part of Coach Chris Crossnan's coach license program at Legit Pro Wrestling.


Jeff has a Blue Belt in Judo under Paul Jones and trains at Paul Jones School of Judo.

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Mike is both a student and an instructor at Fight Shack.

He is a Black Belt in Judo and a product of the wonderful Paul Jones School of Judo.

He is also a Level 1 Instructor under 4D Combat.

Mike has a degree in Sports Coaching from Winchester University.