Membership Pricing 
4D Combat Membership @ £15/week paid monthly
Total Fighter Membership @ £18.46/week paid monthly
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Fight Shack is an exclusive membership club limited at  15 people.  Our concept is to keep class sizes small,  giving members group private style classes but with the cost savings of regular monthly training.

Our aim is to give you a wide variety of training opportunities representing the best and most functional martial arts.  Our emphasis is always on the following: ​

- Get fit
- Feel good
- Make new friends
- Learn new skills


Fun. Fitness. Functional.

Our training includes plenty of conditioning work including pad training, techniques and strategies including pressure testing to test and sharpen your skills and weapons training to prepare you for any eventuality. ​   Classes are suitable for beginners  who are looking to learn a new exciting  skill and build confidence through to experienced martial artists and fighters who are looking to improve and extend their game. 

We have two membership types:

4D Combat - Total Stand Up Fighter

This is the core system at the club, an integrated system drawing on boxing, kickboxing,  Muay Thai, Panantukan, Karate as a Jeet Kune Do (JKD) & Kali evolution.  If you train with us at Fight Shack you will be grading in 4D Combat.  This system is a JKD Kali evolution developed by Guro Bob Breen.  JKD is the concept developed by Bruce Lee,  and Kali, the term used for the highly effective Phillipino martial arts.

4D covers 4 principle dimensions of fighting including

- Striking

- Clinch

- Weapons (Stick & Knife)

- Group Attack

Total Fighter - Strike. Grapple. Weapons

This membership includes our 4D Combat classes and our grappling and wrestling program.

In addition to the core 4D Combat program, full members will be eligible for our wrestling programs including Combat Submission Wrestling under affiliation to Coach Erik Paulson and Catch Wrestling under affiliation to Coach Chris Crossnan.  Our wrestling programs blend judo and our instructors train regularly under affiliation to Paul Jones School of Judo.

This combination of systems provides a comprehensive package of training across stand up, clinch, throwing, grappling and ground fighting.

4D is a total stand up fighting system, including striking, clinch, weapons, and group attack; developed as a JKD Kali evolution by the legendary Guro Bob Breen.  The Godfather of JKD Kali in Europe, World Class Fighter and Coach, and the 'Coaches Coach'.

Catch Wrestling by Coach Chris Crossan, World class competitor and International Champion, at Legit Pro Wrestling.  A Chance to grow with our development group in a fun, dynamic class.  The violent art of catch wrestling.  Crank, rip, tear!

Combat Submission Wrestling by Coach Erik Paulson. A truly comprehensive grappling, ground and submission system developed from Judo, BJJ, Catch wrestling, Russian Sambo drawing from Coach Paulson's experience across a stellar career in combat sports.