Welcome to Fight Shack's online training.  We will be developing three product types aimed at providing varied formats for skills improvement, fitness, and S&C.  Our aim is to provide ideas and focus to your training program, always with a focus on functional skills and fun.  My own experience of training over the years is that it has to be consistent but it also has to be fun...or it doesn't happen at all!!

All of our training products are real.  We show you the training that we do and highlight ways that we've made it effective.  Our clips are often taken in one shot so that you get the feel of turning up to class and getting going.  We give it to you raw, not just our best attempts.  The only thing we leave out are techniques or drills that we don't find functional, natural, or realistic enough.  In other words, if we don't see it adding to our skills or us using it under pressure, we leave it out!

If you want to be informed about Fight Shack products as they become available contact us and register at info@fightshack.co.uk


Fight Shack products include:


Simple 3 Series - Tool kit products aimed at providing training tips for maximising training at home, hotels, motels or in the gym.   Simple 3 Series includes drills and skills for fighters and tips and tools for strength and conditioning.  Our first series will be aimed at building a better shadow fighting game.  Our initial S&C focus will be core strength exercises.


Fight Shack Courses - These will be themed courses, exploring areas of study and skill development with video clips to show the techniques and course notes to highlight key points and show you how to train it.  Our courses will start with transition work from striking into throwing.

Fight Shack Training - Simple 'train along' video clips where we provide you complete example training sessions and provide course notes on objectives, focus, and variations that you can add to your own training.  Our first products will be bag training.

Contact us on info@fightshack.co.uk for more information and to find out about product releases.

The Fight Shack 'Simple 3 Series' represents a tool kit approach to skills development through functional drills and exercises.  The concept is to provide simple modules of 3 exercises or concepts at a time, that you can practise just about everywhere.  How long and how often will be up to you but these are designed to be as effective as possible so you can get straight into it whether you are at home, on the road working, on vacation, or in the gym.  It's an 'Anytime, Any place, Anywhere' approach.  There will be tips on using music, areas to focus on, changing emphasis to give yourself different types of workouts, and in the spirit of added value, there will always be an additional technique or flow drill for integration.  Our first Simple 3 Series products will cover shadow boxing and footwork....just 15 minutes a day is 90 hours a year!  We'll get you moving with flow in no time! Contact info@fightshack.co.uk to get updates on product launch!

Fight Shack Strength and Conditioning.  Our Simple 3 Series includes strength and conditioning advice developed by our affiliate and S&C Coach, Cameron Ralph.  Cam has devised simple but effective training and exercises to fit the Fight Shack modular approach and provide an S&C tool kit targeted at fighters and martial artists and their specific needs.  Our first product starts you off with core strength strength exercises, including integration through flow drilling.  Contact info@fightshack.co.uk to get updates on product launch! 

Fight Shack  Training Courses are a deeper look at specific areas of training.  Our courses are all based on Bob Breen's superb 4D Combat system, an evolution of JKD Kali that we apply to everything.  Courses include typically an hour or more of clips, walking and talking you through the concepts, what makes them work, and how to train them.  We keep it simple but effective.  In development, when a technique or flow doesn't feel right or natural, we leave it out.  Our aim is to provide functional training.  The first Fight Shack Training Course will be Striking to Throws, looking at options for transition to throws from stand up fighting.  Contact info@fightshack.co.uk to get updates on product launch!

Fight Shack Training Workouts.  The concept is simple - we provide you with solo training workouts with video clips 'round by round' and for the full session.  That way you can train along with the extended clip or chop and change the routine to sort your training needs.  The workout comes with training notes describing focus and goals for each exercise and includes tips for varying the session.  Our first products will include bag work including striking, manipulation and control, and ground work.  These workouts are another tool aimed supporting your training in classes.  You'll get fitter, you'll get the reps, you'll perform better under pressure! Contact info@fightshack.co.uk to get updates on product launch!