Seminar Fees

Fight Shack seminar rate is customised to your group needs. A standard seminar day is 4 hours.

Discounted prices for 4D Affiliates and Clubs introducing 4D.

Contact us too for small group and workshop prices (typically 2 hrs)

Jeff is one of a select few, authorised to deliver Bob Breen's 4D Combat System through seminars.  Jeff has been running successful Seminars and Workshops around the UK over the last couple of years, introducing clubs to 4D Combat, through to grading events.

Seminars / Workshops planned for 2019 include:

- Edinburgh

- Glasgow 

- Belfast

- Isle of Wight, and...

- Houston, Texas!

Jeff is available to provide seminars and workshops worldwide for groups looking to learn or improve their understanding of 4D Combat.

If your school is interested in a Seminar or Workshop, please email