Fight Shack is a cross training mixed martial arts and self defence club with 4D Combat as core syllabus and coaching in Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, and Judo.  Fight Shack offers integrated online training tools across all of these systems and disciplines.  Fight Shack runs a limited members club with  classes capped at 12 per class, enabling maximum personal coaching.  Fight Shack is available for seminars introducing 4D Combat or exploring aspects of striking, clinch, weapons and multiple opponents.

This combination of systems provides a comprehensive package of training across stand up, clinch, throwing, grappling and ground fighting.

What is 4D Combat

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Combat systems have to evolve and be relevant to the modern age. 4D Combat was developed from the two amazing arts of Jeet Kune Do and Kali.

 JKD developed by Bruce Lee was in many ways the original MMA of the modern era whereas Kali is the ancient warrior art of the Philippines.  Both are amazing arts but how do you master both of these in one lifetime?  Bob wanted a simpler model. Something that would work for normal people yet have all the depth of the arts from which it derived.  Lots of JKD and Kali techniques were similar or duplicates so the first thing Bob did was to simplify that list down, cut out duplicates then prioritise the list of things that really happened in a street fight or competition and to relegate the fanciful and esoteric.  


He made the decision that 4D would concentrate on stand up fighting; where all fights start and most end.  Where Evolution put you. Standing.  The name 4D Combat came about as it compromised the four dimensions that happen in stand up combat, in real fighting: 






Bob’s aim with 4D was for people to achieve mastery in their lifetime and on their own terms; the art had to suit you.

It had to be simple.

It had to be truthful.

It had to be instinctive.

It had to work:  Whatever came up!

It had to be tested, so you believed in it,  and know it works.  


Therefore in 4D the same game formats or templates are used whatever you’re doing. This makes you faster mentally and structurally :


“Whilst they’re deliberating, you’re obliterating”


Harder and faster hitting. Much faster mentally. Simple yet deep. An art you can master, and be truly functional in,  yet deeply rooted in the arts JKD and Kali. There’s a life time of study, but you’ll be functional in no time. Come join us. We’re friendly, fun… and functional. 


What is Jeet Kune Do?


The art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD) was developed by Bruce Lee. His aim was to develop a modern approach and get away from what he termed the "classical mess" of traditional martial arts. Initially, termed Jun Fan Gung Fu, it was a development from his original style of Wing Chun. However, fighting with the larger Americans forced him to re-evaluate his art. Bruce Lee went on to develop Jeet Kune Do. This was a conceptual approach. The art of combat through principles, not techniques. This made his art more adaptable. From these core principles he could develop a thousand techniques. In many ways it was a forerunner of modern MMA. His aid and training partner whilst developing JKD, was the legendary Dan Inosanto. Bob Breen was fortunate in being the first student in Europe to study under Inosanto and spread his methods. Bob is regarded as the Godfather of JKD and Kali in Europe.

What is Kali?


Kali is the ancient martial arts of the Philippines, dating to before the Majaphait Empire of the 5th and 6th centuries.Though known as a stick fighting art, it’s composed of numerous weapon and empty hand systems. The roots of 4D are based on Panantukan the unique boxing/kickboxing system of Kali. A form of ‘Dirty’ or street  boxing, making it a highly effective all round combat art. This puts it at the core of the 4D model. Kali’s other systems that are included in the new 4D evolution include knife defence skills and knife fighting art, plus single and double stick.  Kali emphasises flow, improvisation, and practicality. It is these aspects that have made the transition to 4D.

4D is a total stand up fighting system, including striking, clinch, weapons, and group attack; developed as a JKD Kali evolution by the legendary Guro Bob Breen.  The Godfather of JKD Kali in Europe, World Class Fighter and Coach, and the 'Coaches Coach'.

Combat Submission Wrestling by Coach Erik Paulson. A truly comprehensive grappling, ground and submission system developed from Judo, BJJ, Catch wrestling, Russian Sambo drawing from Coach Paulson's experience across a stellar career in combat sports.

Catch Wrestling by Coach Chris Crossan, World class competitor and International Champion, at Legit Pro Wrestling.  A Chance to grow with our development group in a fun, dynamic class.  The violent art of catch wrestling.  Crank, rip, tear!